Ordinary Things

1. Lap of honour (1994) 20´20´´

2. PS 3 (1990) 10´00´´

3. Table manners (1994) 18´00´´

4. Memories (1995) 17´37´´

Produced by :
Kent Tankred

Graphic design:
Jonas Mattsson and Kent Tankred

Executive producer :
Carl Michal von Haussewolff

A compact disc subsided by The Swedish National Council for Culural Affairs

Fylkingen Records Box 17044, 104 62 Stockholm, Sweden

It is the "ordinary things" that work on our souls in such a beneficial way that we attain the extreme summit of grace; and he who abandons them falls inevitably into the absurd, that is the void, both plasticall and spiritually. For this reason our opinion is that tranquil happiness is the most elevated rapture ever evolved by man, and that it was evolved by one man alone who observed a great deal, meditated profoundly, and suffered greatly too. For "ordinary things" reveal the forms of simplicity that tell us of a superior state of being, wich constitutes the splendid secret of art. But when the flashes of inspiration of "ordinary things", so rarely repeated, illuminate art, they create those essentials that are the most precious for us modern artists. One could say that in this way we rise from the depths to the surface like flying fish.

And since we can communicate only by way of signs, we turn our minds to this sense of calm poetry and leave fantasy to vulgar and rustic natures.

Carlo Carrà