This is a revelation

"This is a revelation" consists of electro-mechanical programs from 14 washing machines, all amplified indiviual. It was one part of an exhibition at Fylkingen during World Music Days in Stockholm, 1 - 8 Okt. 1994.

"Rhythm is not necessarily a part of civilization: a return to the worldis not a return to the ´primitive´; the world man creates is also"nature" - refrigerators, cars, planes, bridges, motorways, concretehigh-rises are not ornaments, nor mirrors. They are alive, they havetheir own existence, they give as much as they take. They are not oflesser worth than rivers, woods, mountain ranges. The Earth just is, andman´s inventions no longer need to be invented. They are part of theuniversal blueprint. What perhaps remains to be discovered is the rhythmof cities and machines. It is already separate from human senses and thefunctional idea, outside. Outside."

    J M G Le Clezio: Jordisk extas